One small step….

One of the things which made me rejoice in my new home was that it was so safe for cats, or, in this case, Cat. Puddy Em has been under house arrest since she ‘was in collision with’ a car two years ago, and was found celebrating her recovery by sitting on the white line in the middle of the road.

so, after a couple of weeks here, I opened the door and set her on the step. em-for-blog

She looked at me in horror and she fled back into the house. So it is with great pleasure that I can announce that she has begun to spend a little time outside, and to go hunting in the grass that edges the yard. And perhaps I too will begin to take steps in the new life…


10 responses to “One small step….

  1. Excellent news! My blog has been silent as you’ll be aware owing to ‘other pressures’! Will not clog the blog with details.

  2. How clever to start with Puddy Em. All the best piskie blogs have a resident cat, you know.

  3. p.s. — I’ll wait till you get a few posts up, then ‘announce’ the blog. Do deliberately have ‘comments must be moderated’ on? I don’t bother, and very seldom have trouble.

  4. Alison G Clark

    How lovely to see Puddy EM. We were only talking about you this morning. great that the blog is up and running – I’ll visit often!

  5. rosemaryhannah

    No, I fear that moderation is on by accident and unwanted – everything is VERY slow due to my only having dial up, and even that time limited. When ‘updates’ start to download the whole thing clogs up a lot.

  6. Long live the Messiah and may John the Baptist rest in peace. Repent!

  7. Belatedly (since I’ve only just found your blog), very best wishes for your settling-in to your new home.

  8. rosemaryhannah

    Thank you, Eamonn.

  9. Welcome to the blogosphere, Rosemary. And welcome to the piskie blogger cat community, Puddy Em- you’re in fine company.

  10. Hurray!! A blog, a blog! Enjoying it very much already and happily looking forward for more to follow.

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