Whole sole?

I had forgotten how long ago it was that I bought my favourite ankle boots from the factory outlet shop in Dewsbury. They were actually bloke’s boots tried on in desperation when I could find nothing in ladies. They were comfortable for the moment I first put them on and they never seemed to age much – until today, trudging round Cumnock in the rain I was suddenly aware of horribly cold and wet feet. Nothing to be done but to endure. I got home, eventually, and inspected the old faithfuls. No, there was not a hole in the sole – the whole sole had fractured in about five places on each foot. The boot equivalent of major organ failure, I suspect. So now they are NO MORE, and I need to search for replacements which, like my poor departed friends, are so comfortable that I feel a little happier each time I put them on.

I will not draw moralising attention to the numerous possible Good Lessons in the above.


2 responses to “Whole sole?

  1. Saying goodbye to comfortable shoes is always traumatic.

  2. ah Jesus loves you!

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