When I walk down the track (a frequent option for a quick dog walk in foul weather) I walk looking at the street lights of Kilmarnock. I feel that I am very much part of the huge urban mass that stretches in brilliant dapples to my west – on up into Glasgow and Stirling until it is quenched in the peace of Perthshire and Argyll.

When I turn and walk uphill, home, I look into the beautiful tranquil dark. Ahead of me lies peace, and the start of the Southern Uplands, and miles of moorland.

I live in border country.


3 responses to “Borderland

  1. border country seems about right for you, yes?

    (though I know you long for unsullied countryside)

  2. I imagine that you probably have plenty of unsullied countryside.

  3. Sometimes I hear traffic – often I see lights (strikes Aesthetic attitude, mops brow, searches for poppy or lily for hand) it may well not be unsullied.

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