Guilty pleasures

What is a guilty pleasure? I suppose it is in part one we feel slightly bad about having, and in part one we actually would not enjoy all the time. A pleasure which is only a pleasure at all when rationed.

Like taking a Sunday off church. It has been a busy week, with my first day as an employed (as opposed to self employed) person for a long time, and a more or less working Saturday as I went to the Tisec graduation, which means a drive to Perth and back. It left me bone weary and with a huge backlog in the house and around the small holding. I decided that I needed a Sunday here, working my way slowly through the backlog, drinking coffee at intervals, and having a peaceful time.

Church provides a kind of backbone to my life, and like my back it is sometimes more ache than pleasure. Today is like sagging into a favourite chair. A gasp of relief, even if in the long term it is not very good for me. Not something for every Sunday, just today as I convalesce.


3 responses to “Guilty pleasures

  1. I am a great fan of guilty pleasures. Most of my pleasures are probably guilty. They would not be so enjoyable if they were not guilty.

  2. I have a truely shameful guilty pleasure – spicey beanburger meals from Burger King – shock horror I know but it is my worst vice!

  3. tut tut.

    You can assume I’m not envious at all… no, not even that bit of my brain that woke up this morning and thought ‘is that snow???’. Molly, on the other hand, is most jealous of the sort of day Puddy Em, Bridget and Max must have had.

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