Good Lord deliver us


This afternoon there came an all too rare chance to walk in both dry and light – so off we set, the dogs and I. I suddenly realised that Bridget, the beautiful woose, was not with me and Max. I could see her standing by the tight shut gate. It took several moments to hear what had frozen her – the distant sounds of a shoot, so faint Max and I had not really registered them.

Just so I am frozen into useless horror by the suggestion that ‘if only’ I had vacuumed the floor at work ‘properly’ the floor scrubber would still work. As it always sucks up water, and won’t put out water from the perfectly clean reservoir, I doubt this. But I hear distant gunfire, and am rooted to the spot, awaiting my fate.


2 responses to “Good Lord deliver us

  1. foosty foos at your workplace – its always easy to blame the cleaner.

    Looking forward to seeing you – there is a tree, a wreath, a garland and a comfy chair – all we need now is you!

  2. It is nice to see that her tail is as flue brush like as ever. One can tell that she is snapping at something in the photo.

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