It’s not against any religion….

ter want ter dispose of a pigeon….

I’m sure it is, you know. Sure some forms of Buddhism disapprove of it, some forms of Hinduism too. In general terms, though, Gibb of Galston would also tend to disapprove of it as a good deal of their income is generated by middle aged men animadverting seriously on the rival merits of Irish Racing, competition, Top Flight and other mixes . On the other hand, Gibb are not fussy.

You can buy De Lux Chinchilla Mix, and Premium Rat mix, (why are chinchillas de lux, 417kqdylqsl_sl500_aa280_2and rats premium, is it a fur versus brains thing?) and four different kinds of rabbit food. You can buy food for small dogs, large dogs, racing dogs, and one which promotes the ability of the dog to smell scents. A feature which I fear is omitted from most working dog foods, though my dogs seem to manage splendidly without its help.

I am however most amused by the approach to squirrels. One one shelf, you can purchase this splendid product for the wild squirrels in your garden. It is nutritionally balanced, and will promote healthy growth (and to judge from the illustration, splendid tail and whiskers).

Round the next corner, there is a live trap, which is not, I fear, designed to facilitate photography. But, hey, if it sells…..


7 responses to “It’s not against any religion….

  1. I trust you bought the stupendous squirrel food and left the trap right where it was (though if the squirrels take up residence in the roof space over your bedroom, as the racoons once did in my parent’s house, I will grant temporary blessing for the humane trap and a squirrely-relocation. )

  2. fetagoatcheese

    Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall has a few good recipes for squirrels.

  3. rosemaryhannah

    I left both trap and food. I have seen a few grey squirrels on the drive up to my house, but none around it – food put four for the birds (which should have tempted any agile rodent) has been untouched by anything.

    Hug F-W irritates me exceedingly. As far as I can see, he has somebody to do everything for him, except the posing. Which latter I could definitely do better.

  4. He is certainly not Nigella. I think only The Two Fat Ladies could compete with Nigella.

  5. I think the two fat ladies and Nigel Slater are my faves – though I love Nigellas books I fear her tv may be more irretating.

    Not sure I could be bothered all the prep work that would be needed to eat squirrels.

  6. Her tv shows are a little irritating at times, but she is still fabulous. I really like Nigel Slater’s recipes but very few will be eaten by Kendu.

  7. rosemaryhannah

    Slater’s ‘Toast’ is one of the most stunning books I can remember reading – especially in the way it handles role of food. If you haven’t (and know some of you have) do do read it!

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