..of arms and of the goose


They are here – my Christmas present to myself. Arrived on Sunday, and today, due to the total mess made of the afternoon due to ‘circumstances beyond my control’, I let them out for the first time, and watched them take to the small pond like, er, like, like a goose to water. They have never had a pond before, and their delight was huge.


And I stood and pondered names. They are magisterial, a little nervous, clad in off-white, and likely to respond to any threat in a martial manner. Invention is definitely limited. There is considerable affection in this arranged marriage.

They have been named Maro and Horatia.


7 responses to “..of arms and of the goose

  1. Very, very subtle. I approve!

  2. Goose for Christmas. So appropriate.

    I’m glad they are named. My mind immediately jumped to more awkward suggestions.

  3. goose is very tasty but I am glad these ones have been spared.

  4. When will they start to breed? Do they have a pen or are they roaming free?

  5. rosemaryhannah

    Breed in May, hopefully. Currently they are free by day and in a pen at night. They are a very devoted couple.

  6. Have they bitten you yet? I have been telling Kendu all about the foosty grey one we used to have.

  7. rosemaryhannah

    Cato. – his temper was short. No, these are dear good birds, their only failing is a tendancy to sit in the very middle of the pond as night falls, causing me some difficulty in getting them into their fox-proof home (which is a nice dry loose box with food and water). Foxy was up on Saturday, admiring them.

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