..where have you been

Em rarely strays far form the house – on a nice day she likes to saunter fifteen yards to the outbuildings and enjoy a little terrorism. But when it is as wintry as it is today, she likes to keep her fur unruffled indoors. Hence, her vanishing for nealry ten hours caused consternation. I tried the attic where she has hidden before, but it is a small room and there was no sign of her. She missed a meal – not in itself worrying, as the furry Rugby ball would take no harm form a little fasting, but seriously untypical. em4 Then came the miaow – and the furry face at the head of the attic ladder. She had holed up UNDER the Christmas decorations, or rather, she had excavated a cave IN them. She cannot get down the ladder. (I believe Tigger had similar problems due to a tail) and she is terrified of being carried down. Stalemate. In the end, she managed to be carried down, bu hooking her claws firmly into each side of my neck.


5 responses to “..where have you been

  1. she does look rather like Jennyanydots sat up there – I wouldn’t be surprised if she was teaching tatting to mice in the attic.

  2. poor puss.

    great picture, though.

  3. rosemaryhannah

    No puss that fat is poor, and she did appear to have been teaching some kind of fancy work, judging from the tears in the newspaper covering Christmas decorations.

  4. It is nice to see that she lives on. I am now not surprised that she can’t get down the ladder.

  5. rosemaryhannah

    p.s. not getting down the ladder is weakness of mind.

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