Daily Archives: January 23, 2009


Like everybody else, when I post on Thinking Anglicans, what I long for is the kind of dispute that gets comment after comment after the piece. It is rank ingratitude to regret that I tend to get kind and appreciative comments.

and her place shall know her no more

Generally, I struggle with decisions. One working hypothesis is that this universe is meaningful. Believing this, I also tend to believe that there is something I should be doing, a best course of action. And indeed, life itself teaches us that if we constantly make the wrong decision, we will be in trouble (e.g. overweight and out of shape and broke from eating too much, never exercising and over spending).

However, despite the laments of one friend that I am very poor at listening to the wisdom and sensibility located somewhere within, just occasionally I do something which feels so utterly right that I am without second thoughts. I have handed in my notice at work. From next Friday I will once again be wholly self employed.