and her place shall know her no more

Generally, I struggle with decisions. One working hypothesis is that this universe is meaningful. Believing this, I also tend to believe that there is something I should be doing, a best course of action. And indeed, life itself teaches us that if we constantly make the wrong decision, we will be in trouble (e.g. overweight and out of shape and broke from eating too much, never exercising and over spending).

However, despite the laments of one friend that I am very poor at listening to the wisdom and sensibility located somewhere within, just occasionally I do something which feels so utterly right that I am without second thoughts. I have handed in my notice at work. From next Friday I will once again be wholly self employed.


4 responses to “and her place shall know her no more

  1. Excellent.

    I love the new header pic — they look happy.
    (but what about that fox?)

  2. rosemaryhannah

    Foxy is giving me a bad conscience – I have grassed him up. The gamekeeper is after him. He was so beautiful so alert, but if he keeps coming I will not have one single goose, chicken and even the lambs will be at risk. they were ‘lamping’ for him last night and will try to flush him out with a couple of dogs if this does not work.

    I think the geese are the genii of the place. But like it they are shy and do not want to come to me yet.

    I have made my peace with the lights of Kilmarnock since I realised they are the souls of the faithful as seen by God form a distant place on the day he gave birth. He moves in mysterious ways. Now I need a new breakthrough w.r.t the traffic sounds.

  3. You seem to be very secluded to be worrying about noise and light pollution. Maybe you will be able to make a fab stole with the fox. Waste not want not and it is very warm too.

  4. rosemaryhannah

    I think he might be very smelly …

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