How to make friends and influence people….

It seems that this vital knack is still lacking in the Scottish catering industry.

Today my son and his partner took me for lunch. My pub of choice is shut on Mondays, so we went to another. Kenneth is a veggie, and I am a bit fussy about how my meat has been reared, and don’t like fish. We were given a menu, and it was at once plain that cheese salad was the only veggie option (and we could not be sure it was veggie cheese, which matters to Kenneth). All the starters either had crustacean (unacceptable to me due to the way it is dispatched and I don’t much like it anyhow) or bacon which might have been and probably was continental in origin.

Kenneth and I ordered the tomato soup, and had a soup and pudding lunch. The soup was lovely. Eventually the proprietrix come to ask if everything was OK – yes, said I, but the vegetarian options were very limited.

‘Well!” she said, ‘you SHOULD have asked for the vegetarian menu!’ A thing which had never been mentioned to us.

Now I quite often eat veggie – as do various carnivores I know, because we like vegetarian food sometimes. I don’t WANT to juggle two menus. I don’t WANT to be accused of failing to ask for a separate menu and I don’t WANT my vegetarian friends to be forced onto a segregated menu.

It will be the last time I eat there unless somebody else really wants to go there – and really I did think these attitudes had died out at least ten years ago.


4 responses to “How to make friends and influence people….

  1. it amazes me how people ever manage to make any money when they run their businesses so foolishly. And what of the puddings?

  2. rosemaryhannah

    Average. Better baking at my favourite cafe. The open fire was nice, though.

    It does make me think that many businesses going bust deserve to!

  3. The salad was cheese AND ham. The pudding was ok as was the meet option I had. But we had a very nice time in a garden centre afterwards which made up for the meal.

  4. rosemaryhannah

    The nursery is at all times wonderful – it is one of my favourite Ayrshire places. The goosberry bushes are safely planted. Next time I’ll take you to Rosebuds cafe where the baking is fabulous and the indifferent coffee will not bother you – and if we get Craig the conversation is stimulating – and you two may help be recover my street cred -it took a battering when he met Meg and made unwarranted assumptions about her views. Some time I’ll take wonderfulexchange –

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