Not bread alone…

Life is an extraordinary business. I am so often gob smacked at how hurt and help so often come from just the very direction we never would have expected.

I sat down to double mark a set of students’ essays this afternoon, and have bobbed up in a delightful place I was not looking for. I found myself looking through the perceptive eyes of a delightful and almost unknown companion. And there were audible clicks as parts of my recent experience fell into place.


2 responses to “Not bread alone…

  1. quick, quick, ordain that one and set them free.

  2. rosemaryhannah

    I expect this kind of thing from students, and sometimes I even get it. this time there was the usual mix of good, adequate and excellent work – what re-placed me, literally, were the comments of my colleague, nudging, steering, and gradually opening door after door of understanding. None of it was directed for me, but it turned out to be a whole new vision, part old vision and part deepened understanding and part wholly new. In Eliot’s words, I came back to where I started and knew the place for the first time. Again, of course.

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