Getting the better of the words…

I have small sympathy with the back-of-the-hand-to-fevered-brow inspirational writing. I take the grim view that writing is a craft and a profession and one had blessed well buckle down to doing one’s best regardless of the state of mind that befalls one.

Nevertheless, this I will concede. It is terribly hard to know at what point in research and preparation to start writing. The pressure of the desire to writ builds and builds – but sometimes waiting too long causes the heat to go out of the whole business. Or sometimes the desire to write just never comes.

Worse still is evaluating one’s own work. Immediately after writing it usually seems either very good or very bad. Neither is a reliable guide, especially if one is stretching out of one’s normal zone. Looking back now, I can see the first pieces I wrote for the seasonal blog love blooms bright were pretty terrible. I did rather better for the sister Lent blog Beauty from Chaos.

Beauty is about to restart for the year, and I have been trying something I find more difficult for it. Have I in any measure succeeded? Dunno. I’ll tell you in a year or so. The annoying thing is – everybody else will know in a few days.


3 responses to “Getting the better of the words…

  1. I love the last paragraph.

    Your first posts were not terrible. They were full of potential.

  2. rosemaryhannah

    Dear Lord knows where you saw the potential – I had written things which were good before … just not short. What I am asking myself now is how obscure the new piece is, as well as how good. We’ll see.

  3. if it’s any consolation, I remember enjoying a piece that I could not figure out at all.

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