This is not the biggest or the best bunch of snowdrops I have ever seen, not even the best this year. It is significant just because it is at the bottom of my drive.

For a long time, I thought there were no snowdrops in Ayrshire – I had not realised just HOW far the bitter winter had delayed things.

But all that has changed. We have had mild weather, even some sun and some still days. I have stared to plant out fruit bushes, and my daffodils (a gift from a friend’s grand son) are coming up. I have even been able to ride out on my poor J without fearing he will turn into a Dancing on Ice star.

And the birds are spreading out up my hedges and singing and singing.


4 responses to “

  1. birds. at last. you must be relieved.

  2. Resurrection takes many forms. I pray that you may know its blessings.

  3. rosemaryhannah

    In many of its forms of course I do know its blessings…..

  4. Hari has started to moult her layer of mountain fur, and it has been duly put out for the birds – it makes a good nest liner – and I feel karmic given how Hari loves to snuggle in my down duvet.

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