Who goes there?

I’m not the most knowledgeable of bird admirers. I can identify some of the more common species if I’ve see them before and theY have clear identifying marks. I usually turn to Bea for help with anything new. But I do love to see them around the place. When I moved in, the last swallows were packing up shop, and after they went, there were few birds here indeed. I put out food on an improvised table and it went unregarded. I hung up half a coconut packed with fat and seed, and it is still there untouched.

There are compensations. A male kestrel lives in the carriage house next to my bedroom, and I often hear and occasionally see a greater spotted woodpecker. A barn owl lives with the neighbours half a mile away and graces my property by hunting over it.

Now however, my own chicken and geese and their feed are beginning to attract others. Feeding the hens he other morning I surprised a dunnock, who made good her escape in through the ai spaces of the eves of the hen house, and a cock blackbird flies in through the fox-proofing slats over the door of the goose loose box and feeds off the remains of their banquet.

And the spring brings others searching, I suspect, for nesting sites in the hedges. Thee are definitley hedge sparrows, and more dunnocks. I though I heard a thrush.

I am hopeful of spring migrants too.


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