Green grow

Something very exciting happened today – my lettuce seeds germinated. I am growing a container of lettuce on a windowsill, and lo and behold, germination – they are leaves for pulling, so not long till I can crop them.

And in the week I treated myself to something I had long wanted, a heated propagator – only £10 in B & Q. In that I have some herb seeds, in the hope that before I know it I will have home grown herbs.


5 responses to “Green grow

  1. more death and destruction on the farm?

    Poor little leaves. Barely a glimpse of light before the salad fork swoops in.

  2. rosemaryhannah

    It’s not easy, being green.

  3. yay for mommy – I have no such growing happening at my place – still have fenced the hounds in now so I can grow stuff in my garden.

  4. rosemaryhannah

    Does this mean that Hari has had to abandon the ‘tunnel to Sri Lanka’ project?

  5. Hari is still allowed to tunnel – but only under supervision! The union are cracking down on the hours spent tunneling

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