Does your mother know…

They were nice young men, running the IT workshop to which I had been enticed to make up the numbers, and they explained at length and in detail how to work every aspect of the program they were there to teach, while I filled in time like a naughty school child, by surfing the net on a page hidden below the one of authorised work – and also by wondering if their mothers knew they were out alone. In the end, we finished the account of how the discussion group worked (like every other one you ever met) and moved onto blogs.

‘I expect some of you have heard of blogs…’ said the nice young man.
I smiled over my glasses. ‘I expect some of us have them…’
It was not a possibility he had considered from the all but senile, poor chap.


4 responses to “Does your mother know…

  1. bless maybe if they read Stephen Fry’s colum they would know that IT is not soley the perogative of the young.

  2. So when you were at school did you read forbidden books behind the raised desk-lid?

  3. Oh to have been there…

  4. Boring classes=book below desk + tube of Mintolas. Funny – it was usually the English class…

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