The thee females of this household are all doing Lent. Bridget is going it because she is a few pounds over weight and I don’ want her getting seriously over weight as she did once before and it made her most unfit. I am doing it for religious reasons, but also to help me get my food intake in terms of quality and quantity under better control (which is actually another religious reason), and poor Puddy Em is doing it because she has passed from over weight to obese.

Bridget does not much appreciate the diet, but it is very slight and she can live with it.

I long for butter on my toast and for biscuits more than words can say, but only when I have toast or coffee.

Puddy Em can think of nothing but her missing food every waking moment. She has been reduced to approximately normal amounts for a cat of her height and length.


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  1. Neither Hari nor Ted are doing lent, I am however missing alcohol rather badly at the moment, chocolate is less of a loss – but I do know my egg will be all the tastier when Easter comes around – even if I can only eat it two squares at a time.

  2. I have not given up anything for lent. I had planned to give up alcohol but then toothache got in the way of that. Puddy Em will be much happier when she is thinner.

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