Spot the difference



5 responses to “Spot the difference

  1. I don’t understand (which is not to say I see no difference). What happened?

  2. is the difference in the horns? Also the ears look darker on the top pic but that’s probably just the light.

  3. That is Polyester is it not? And the horn on the right, as Bea said, appears to be missing.

  4. so, do horns ‘shed’ or has something gone seriously amiss?

  5. rosemaryhannah

    She came in from the field one day a bloody mess – literally. Horns don’t shed, but nature has arranged that if the horn, which is quite vulnerable, is yanked off, the stump after spouting blood in a most dramatic way for a few moments then seals itself off and heals. Polly (and it is indeed Polly Esther) almost certainly challenged the sheep in the neighbouring field, and caught it in the fence, and, when called for dinner, yanked it off. She is fine now, all healed up and the blood washed off by the rain.

    Well spotted, one and all! No flies on you – and as she did at least do it in winter, none on her either.

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