The hills are alive…

Music by night and day. Now trees and hedges are loud with the musical but territorial calls of the native birds- I hear both our thrushes, and the blackbird, and over them the glorious liquid warble of the curlews, still here. Not to mention smaller cries from pied wagtails and dunnocks and now a pair of blue tits, moved into my hedge for the summer. (And the true summer migrants are not yet here!)
But the nights are musical too. I have of of course had ponds and found frog spawn before. What I have not had is a number of ponds on my door step. I was pleased when the first frog froze in the light of my head lamp (‘I’m not here, and I don’t have frog’s legs’). I was astonished when I tracked the really loud noise I was hearing, a rhythmical creaking and rasping, down to a dozen or more lying round the edges of the goose pond (geese unlike ducks are vegans) – all with eyes gleaming on top of their heads, and pale underbellies glinting in the light of the lamp, all suddenly frozen.
I’m glad I went for geese, not ducks.


One response to “The hills are alive…

  1. so, are the frogs as safe from garlic butter as from glorious geese?

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