What a waist

The stringent Lenten fast has had the usual result – I have not lost one single pound. I lose weight far better when indulging moderately in sweet things.

All of this makes for tight waist bands – when I am actually lucky enough to get one. Of course I work (as a cleaner) largely in trousers of one kind or another. What I look best in is narrow leg jeans, all of which are designed to sit on the hip, thus sliding uncomfortably about and usually coming off each time I bend. I therefore tend to wear more formal trousers – which sit just far enough above the hip to dig in painfully with each stretch.

I can remember when waists were actually AT the waist. I long for those day back … but catching the odd old television program, I realise how odd it now looks to have the superbly comfortable jeans which ended there with a neat shirt tucked in.

Meanwhile I spend the weekends in jods, which sit at the natural waist and stretch softly to accommodate movement.


3 responses to “What a waist

  1. It is said that waists are rising again – I hope the muffin top (caused by horridly lowwaisted trews) will soon be confined to history!

  2. Even I have been a victim to the muffin top.

  3. rosemaryhannah

    Gentle reader, if you knew my elegant son with his long back ad slim waist, you would know that here is, indeed, no hope for the rest of us when wearing the fashionably low waists.

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