Chapter and verse

Until about eighteen months ago, if I yearned to make a point I turned to the kind of prose which is found in leader writing/sermon writing. I know that sometimes people listened, but usually with half an ear, or very partial engagement.

I had started writing in story just before the break down of my marriage, following a success for the first piece I wrote (on Job) and about 18 months ago, thanks largely to encouragement from Wonderful Exchange, and her seasonal blogs, that took off and became my dominant form. I began to think that this really was always the most successful way for me to write.

A curious thing happened last week. I had written for Thinking Anglicans and when Beauty from Chaos needed a last-moment piece, I turned the ‘chapter’ into the much more verse like story.

It was beyond doubt the most successful piece I have put up on Thinking Anglicans. The story did not reach home in the same way.



One response to “Chapter and verse

  1. Hi mommy – you certainlyhave create lots of debate on thinking anglicans – all good!

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