A sudden joy

As I toiled here today, lifting laminate boards so that the woodworm can be treated tomorrow, carrying furniture down stairs single handed and creating ever more chaos as the upstairs got squezed into downstairs, I liften up my gaze to the dead tree near the door and was filled wth sudden joy.

There was a bird I had hoped for and not dared to expect, posssibly the prettiest of the native birds, a grey wagtail. Horribly misnamed, since the impression is mainly of yellow, with grey tailcoat. A dapper dandy in dress and a ballet dancer in movment.

The list of actually identified birds I have had setting foot on the holding to date is: mistle trush, song thrush, blackbird, crow, blue tit, dunnock, heron, curlew, pied wagtail, yellow wagtail, starling, barn owl, tawny owl, buzzard, kestrel, greater spotted woodpecker.


3 responses to “A sudden joy

  1. the most elegant of british birds I think

  2. someone in our blogging circle called me a wagtail the other day, so I am enjoying your description (at the time, I thought ‘bounding about furiously and chattering’ which had a certain justice about it.)

  3. rosemaryhannah

    Both pied and grey wagtails are striking elegant birds – I take the point that they are fast moving, though. The song is charming, if rapid.

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