If a thing is worth doing…

There is a proper way to garden, and I know what it is. You dig, weed, manure, prepare everything properly and then put your plants in.

I am full of the desire to add colour and beauty and fruit and veg NOW – and frankly I don’t have time for the careful way. I am filling containers (because I need to lower the level of the ground surrounding the house soon) and, in the other areas, simply digging a hole and plonking plants in. I don’t suppose all of it will survive, but I am hoping for some colour and some flavour, and I’m certainly having a lot of fun.

The latest acquisition was two bare root white flowering cherries from Aldi. They already have flowers which is a bit alarming.

After all, if a thing is worth doing, it’s worth doing badly.


3 responses to “If a thing is worth doing…

  1. Hi Mootles,
    Glad the Aldi trip was a success. Just tell everyone you have a no dig garden, smile knowingly and mutter something about permaculture – very now in gardening circles I believe 😉

  2. Cherry trees will be very nice. Will they produce edible fruit?

  3. rosemaryhannah

    No, just flowers and leaves. I would need to buy and net other trees to get real cherries.

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