It is what you don’t forsee

Burns was partially right – the best laid plans of mice and men do gang aft agley. Mind you it is not currently future fears that are afflicting me, it is the wretched present.

I had confidently expected a weekend of peace. After all the effort of last weekend, I was going to put things in good shape for the much anticipated visit of a good friend after Easter, and put some things back were they belonged after the wood worm treatment, which made great chaos. I had to check my Tisec reader, and I wanted to do a little cooking, a little gardening and a little riding. I was going to go to church and appreciate the great Passion narrative. I was going to write my pieces for Beauty in Chaos and Thinking Anglicans. A blissful weekend.

I had picked up the very good bargain of ten rose bushes which had lost their labels at my favourite nursery, finished the tedium of the four hour clean that ends the week and was heading home to enjoy a movie. When I suddenly found an on coming van on my side of the road, had to break, missed it, but had the car behind canon into me and write off both my car and itself.

I was kind-of fortunate. Nobody was hurt and although the van driver did not stop and nobody got his number, the driver of the other car did not dispute the facts.

But I have spent most of my time dealing with the consequences – insurance companies and car searches. It is stressful and tedious. I have to keep stopping to remind myself that the other car driver was ful of praise at my avoiding the van, and it could have been a lot worse for all of us.

But my internet dial up has made the car search a nightmare – so slow! Most of my riding vanished. Most of my clearing up vanished. I had to do te eader. I could not possible get to church.

But by good chance a nice lady from the church rang me, and will get my palm cross, thus hopefully starting a little bond between us. And I did get the roses planted. I wonder what they are!


4 responses to “It is what you don’t forsee

  1. I’m glad you are all right.

    You sound surprisingly calm…

  2. I’m not looking forward to driving again – and have just realised that I have forgotten to change the address on my driving licence so may not be able to pick up courtesy car, and I am decidedly not cool about buying a car alone for the first time – I who know little of cars. I hae one lined up for tomorrow – I hope to God it is the right one and I can get it.

  3. Yes, what Kimberly says! What a relief to hear that all that was damaged was the vehicles. But still, I do not envy you the hassle and the car search. I hope all goes well and you find some time for the other things sometime this week.

  4. What a horrible experience. Hope you find something suitable. Henry’s in Glasgow are doing attractive deals on Skodas at the moment. Their phone no. is 0845 123 9923. Good luck!

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