Little white nearly van settles in..

I got her on Friday as planned, and despite a moment of panic as I adjusted from the swish courtesy car to the small tin can, she is pleasing me.

She is genuinely very manoeuvrable, and with a high body carriage which lets me bounce happily up the track. My shoulder no longer plagues me with a constant dull ache, because the steering wheel is set low, and I can get near it without my knees bumping under the dashboard. Her biggest asset however is the petrol consumption (lack of). I will try to work out just what it is, but it is already plain that if I want to go somewhere in the neighbourhood, or take the dogs for a walk, I now can. I am really looking forward to this freedom.


9 responses to “Little white nearly van settles in..

  1. yay for the lil white van!

  2. Glad you are enjoying it.

  3. I feel like I have had a breakthrough. I had been trying translate this piece of German and could not find this one word. Frustrated, I finally resorted to the Latin and low and behold there was the word ‘concubinum’. My translation frustration was over.

  4. rosemaryhannah

    Ah, and the better Latinist visitor here is Wonderful Exchange – should you get stuck, try her.

  5. no no, I’m terrible.

    I loved teaching Latin Grammar to 11 -13 year olds, but if the words aren’t in Ecce Romani, then I’m of no use whatsoever.

    let’s see…

    autobus ros marini pulcherrimum est.

  6. rosemaryhannah

    B oth Lewis and Short and the Mediaeval Word List are still packed – so dear knows how autobus declines – but is it likely to be neuter singular? or am I mis construing?

  7. I’m sure it’s something horribly complicated like a dative plural – from omnibus, perhaps? Only yours isn’t omnibus, sed Rosmarinae solae…. oh dear. It’s too late for Latin. My brain aches at the effort. Ad cubiculum eo!

  8. I was assuming autubus was a 4th D masc, modified by the ‘imperfect’ Ros Marinus which does not have a full declension (only used once in Horace). But even if the assumptions were right, the sentence might not have been.

  9. rosemaryhannah

    Rosmarinus Pliny elder, innit? However 4th D masc would square circle. Se, the better Latinist.

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