Worse than it looks

poor-poor-maxThese are pictures of a poor dog who went all trusting to the vets today only to fall asleep and awake to find his trusting good nature had been taken advantage of, and he had been left with a gap in his most tender parts, and that he felt most miserable and unwell. I got a phone call to come and fetch him early as he was now attempting to destroy his cage to get out and they feared he would do himself a harm in the process.

He had a very miserable afternoon, and he would like you all to realise that he was a lot more miserable than he looked. However he is now starting to brighten up a lot.



3 responses to “Worse than it looks

  1. Will it calm him down?

  2. rosemaryhannah

    Not much, no, but it will stop him obsessing every time a the shepherd’s bitch is on heat. That was impossible to live with.

  3. I find it is easier to get Ted’s attention when out on a walk – and food is now a bigger priority

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