True gold

Some things really do improve with age, and friendship is one of them. My oldest friend, Meg, has been here for a long weekend, and we have had a wonderful time. Much talk, as you can imagine.

I was poorly over the whole weekend – have been very under the weather since last Tuesday, with a very sore throat and perhaps
talking was aide by my inability to do very much – but one thing we did manage was to see the marsh marigolds – they bloom very freely here, to some degree compensating for the lack of primroses (which I take it are fatally attractive to sheep).

True gold – marigolds and friend. A matter for joy and thanksgiving.


4 responses to “True gold

  1. nikolaykotev

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  2. I love king cups – so beautiful

  3. Time with Meg is always time well spent. i had her to myself for a while as we drove down to the COIN AGM.

    God bless you both.

  4. rosemaryhannah

    Welcome here Peter – and indeed, she is a person who enhances the life of all around her.

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