The silence of the goldfish

When I first moved in, I went out and bought two goldfish, to make up for those re-homed due to the move. For a long time they thrived, and then one day I found one of them moribund. I was most upset, but waited to check the remaining fish was not affected by whatever had caused the death, and went out and bought goldfish c – a most beautiful and lively fish.

Imagine my consternation and sorrow when I found fish b was itself dying in the pond weed. Then yesterday I found poor fish c dying – at the paws of the culprit.

Let us just say that my sympathy for that favourite cat drowned in a bowl of goldfish has been severely diminished.


4 responses to “The silence of the goldfish

  1. you eat sheep. it’s hardly fair to think Puddy Em won’t go fishing.

  2. rosemaryhannah

    It is not so much the eating as the lingering over execution which distresses me – in fact and despite her state of constant famine (but now she has something approaching a neck again) she didn’t eat any of the 0oor fish … just fished them.

  3. RIP lil goldyfishes

  4. Schmeekins

    She is probably trying to feed the 5000 and has just not got round to the barley loaves yet.

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