The golden net

I have never been any good at ‘networking’ – I have lived in remote places, and largely been busy with family and work. And I am awkward in company, scared with new faces, hiding my shyness under a rush of words.

But it came to me this morning that without ever consciously seeking a network I belong to one. There are my friends, both close, long-lasting friends and newer, though no less precious. And then there are their friends, who so often find ways of meeting and helping me. Somewhere they, too are supported by others. And so it spreads out, that golden surface of disinterest, and compassion, making a surface strong enough to support me, them, us. There is a golden net of disinterest which surrounds me, not because of anything done to earn it, but because it is just there.

I am not much of a theologian, but to me this looks like a pebble for the wall of the theology of friendship.


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