Still no illustrations…

So long and no pictures – I had intended amendment of life today too. But neither of today’s posts lend themselves.

Firstly, I have been invited to lead a bible study off a passage suitable for the subject of inter faith dialogue. No need to re-read, you got it right first time. Ingenious suggestions please.

Secondly I did not think you would want an illustration of today’s cat vomit. I started at the bit last puked up, and noted it was entrails – hoped not a dear bird …. then fur, then half of he mask of a young rat. Glad no pictures now?


4 responses to “Still no illustrations…

  1. Acts 7:54-8:3, Gal.1:8? Might need some explaining.

    Acts 10:15, 17:22-23? Might be more positive leads. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I’m not convinced cat-vomit was on the sheet in Peter’s vision, fortunately. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. rosemaryhannah

    Really good to see you here Tim – and a most helpful post.

    Acts 17:22 is as close as it gets – but it is hardly inter faith dialogue, is it?? It is Paul telling those of another faith to come and join him because his faith is better. It is easy to find inter-racial material – the book of Ruth to start near the beginning, but inter faith as far as I can see is a heap harder – say Moses father-in-law and that’s about it.

  3. Thanks – yes I’m here too.

    Indeed, the `altar to an unknown god’ passage might not be wonderful, but at least it has aspects of “starting where other people are” and “discussion & debate over violence”.

    I’d be glad to be proved wrong but I couldn’t really think of a passage wholly about inter-faith dialogue – not surprising in a 1000-year-old society characterized by the judge/king/emperor replacing the whole state religion at a stroke (what do you think a historical video of Elijah would show?); rather, one *has* to look between the lines to see that aspects of current inter-faith work have their roots in the verse-sized fragments that reflect people’s behaviour, attitudes or thoughts.

  4. rosemaryhannah

    That’s very true – any come to your mind? (Verse sized fragments).

    I have long believed that in fact the (highly literary and complex) Elijah narrative purposes to show that everything goes pear shaped for Elijah once he sacrifices the prophets of Baal – but I don’t propose to take proving that on for a Bible study with a bishop possibly there. I would prefer the NT because my Greek is acceptable an my Hebrew struggles.

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