Wall head bang on

So, I have this new laptop because my old one has multiple flaws – which include a recurrent fault in the power supply and a failing keyboard and constant crashing….

And I need to download software for the new laptop – most pressingly the antivirus which still nearly two years to run. So I start downloading, and it becomes plain just how slow the dial up is.

So I go to Witherspoons for lunch which is good fun though I would not have splashed out the time or the money at present if it were not for the famous free wifi.

And my laptop connects at once – only sadly Internet Explorer does not recognise it.

So I come home and download the virus protection and the download manager tells me it will take five hours, and I don’t believe it. It crashes twice in the first five minutes, and then downloads smoothly – and towards the end, when it is clear that it really will take five years – er no, hours … it gets really exciting, because if it crashes … but it does not.

So now I have antivirus protection – next stop Mozilla, because much more IE and I will be banging my head against the wall for the pleasure of stopping – which is what this whole experience is like anyhow.


3 responses to “Wall head bang on

  1. If we all went back to pen and paper.

  2. oh dear. Perhaps for you next downloads we should meet up in a wifi friendly cafe and let the laptop do its work while we drink coffee…

  3. rosemaryhannah

    Sounds like a blisfull embarassment of riches.

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