Reflections from a day in Edinburgh:
If they want people to use public transport it needs to be reliable, reasonable priced, and with good information on its habits.
Laughter with good friends is the very stuff of life and a delicious meal helps a lot too.
Nothing will ever convince me that a light weight, gaily coloured floral dress looks good with thick black tights, whatever the wind chill factor.
Honest congenial work where one feels one is suceeding is a totally different thing from a struggle to do what one does very badly,


8 responses to “Random

  1. zebhastripes

    Laugher is a good thing but I do think it is more important to be comfy and warm over looking good.

  2. rosemaryhannah

    Hallo stripes – and welcome!

  3. Warmth is certainly pleasant but I am rather a fashion victim.

  4. Compared with Other Places I Have Lived the public transport in Edinburgh is reasonably-priced and reliable (although what that says about Other Places I’m not sure!). The main problem I have found is that the buses do not give change (and at least 50% of the problem is that they think this is normal).

  5. That is the worst thing about the buses in Edinburgh.

  6. Don’t knock Lothian buses. It’s the only publicly-owned bus undertaking in Scotland, and it is the proof that you don’t need privatisation to run a good service: clean, up-to-date vehicles, helpful and friendly staff, and a comprehensive route network.

  7. rosemaryhannah

    Where I ran into problems was in Glasgow. Here to Glasgow, 40 Mins. From Silverburn into central Glasgow – 40 mins. No information on which bus to take, or where it ended. I did wonder too about offering to get off and push it……

  8. They are far better than Stagecoach who I am morally opposed to.

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