The dog pack


It was only the midges causing the slightly grim expression – that and the fact that after weeks of almost unbroken fine weather, the moment my daughter arrived to visit the heavens opened.

But we still enjoyed ourselves – one of the pleasures being the re formed dog pack, two of hers and two of mine – who despite tensions and totally disparity of size and colour get along fine – no I’m not adding the moral.
B n me VISIT 008


5 responses to “The dog pack

  1. in the game of happy families, Bad Max seems more on task than Lovely Bridget. Fine creatures all around.

  2. So many dogs, so little time.

  3. rosemaryhannah

    Frankly, Max is better at Happy Pack Exercises, because he is the friend of every dog and most humans. He is also very keen on small furry animals, but not in quite the same way. Bridget and Hari manage toleration and working together – making them streets ahead of many humans. But they don’t do space sharing.

    It is happy to note all four much loved dogs are rescues. Hari, far right as you look at the photo (or the dog on the end in my left hand if one is dyslexic) is the Sri Lankan village dog, a genuine Pi dog!

  4. zebhastripes

    That is a lot of dogs to have under one roof.

  5. mommy Milan with the power of the pack! Huge thanks mommy for all that dog wrangling!

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