Fear and awe and dragons

An interesting conversation after church with a young father – he was puzzled by my saying that the disciples must have moved from fear to terror as the storm stilled. God is our father, and how can one fear Daddy? It led on to a conversation on angels – who he had come to think were men. [sic] I said I had come to think they were more like dragons.

I would dearly love to see an angel. I hope that if I ever do, it is dragon-like. Yes, I would be terrified. Sceptics will say that expecting one, I am more likely to see that form. I would rather think that the angels unfold themselves in ways we can understand. I understand the holy more easily if it has awe as a part of it. I prefer the terror of dragons.


6 responses to “Fear and awe and dragons

  1. I think there is, at times, too much awe in religion. I feel people would be more inclined to believe if they did not have to have so much awe in the mix.

  2. rosemaryhannah

    Um, interesting. Why? And awe or the supernatural?

  3. I think the need for awe can make it, or make it appear, too unattainable. If one does not have this great emotional experience then one is doing something wrong. I feel religion is like learning a language and it takes dedication, rather a long time, and one does not understand everything at first, and for that matter very few people are truly bilingual. A good teacher is very important. Maybe awe comes with time and it is like starting with the subjunctive. For me, religion is certainly very powerful but it is more down to earth. It is not being visited by the Angel Gabriel but sitting with the lepers. It is hard work and it is not always pleasant.

  4. rosemaryhannah

    I am rather against the need for any emotion – any one in particular that is. I really DID resent them making poor Mr Spock have to go with his emotions in the latest film – he is somebody who should always go with his reason – it will be more reliable.

    But there are emotions that religion commonly creates. And there are a wide range of them. I think I am reacting to a need NOT to have them – don’t feel anything too big, because anything big must be unreal.

    Certainly the religious life is a lot more sitting with lepers – very true. But I think occasionally all the exhaustion and the demands are illuminated by something stunningly lovely.

    I wrote up the Mark passage that inspired the last post but one – the one on being at church on Sunday – did it today, and am feeling rather pleased with it.

  5. I do think the nicest thing about religion is the comfort it can bring. I’m glad your writing is going well.

  6. rosemaryhannah

    Well, is it|? A condensed version posted above – I’m trying different lengths.

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