There’s a place for ….

Em Blog July 002a very special place for a contented cat. The weather has been glorious, and Em has been largely living out of doors. Not, you understand, running around and hunting, but sleeping three foot from the living room window. Some of the old timbers from the floor upstairs have been left there for me to measure, and to carry bits around for colour matching, etc. They are smooth and heat up nicely. The grasses arch over her and provide shelter from the wind and inquisitive eyes, and she can peer out to keep her tabs on the swallows, in whose hatred she takes a little gentle pleasure. It is nice to be known as the tiger you are.


6 responses to “There’s a place for ….

  1. Schmeekins

    She does look thinner.

  2. rosemaryhannah

    She is, a lot. She has a neck now.

  3. Schmeekins

    I am still desperately seeking my jawline. It has been missing since the early naughties. I am hoping it will make an appearance for the wedding.

  4. Rosemary Hannah

    Oh for pity’s sake! You are young slim and gorgeous.

  5. Puddy Em does look very contented. Hari has also been incabale of doing much other that lying full length on the decking in full sun recently.

  6. rosemaryhannah

    Bless – memories of puppyhood.

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