Daily Archives: July 5, 2009

Fringe benefits

Worship in a warm atmosphere, yet another sermon on the reading, an insight into something I want to write, somewhat at a tangent from what is going on elsewhere, and then starting to get to know fellow members of the church. One conversation approached what I privately (or now publicly) call ‘simplicity’ (high praise in my personal speak) where both speaking are at times able to speak truly and openly and kindly and without that (to me terribly trying) pretence that we are much brighter, and stronger, than actually are.

And on top of all of that, the fringe benefits – for gentle readers I now worship in Glasgow. After filling my face with cake at church, I sauntered up to the Uni library, stopping to buy some very cheap strawberries to complete my lunch, and also some gooseberries so that in due course I can make gooseberry ice cream for deserving visitors (what a bribe!). You don’t GET gooseberries in Ayrshire. Then after work in a surprisingly crowded library, back again. Past the shop selling clothes for posh kids, where everything is half price and twice what I could afford still (but I could make a skirt like that, I think). Past the Asian fabric shop (ooh, I’d like some of that, and some of that, and just a little …) and the grocers with watermelons too big for beach balls (twice what I paid in Lidl last week, and far too big for one person, but what fun!) and the very posh interior designers (just put the Asian fabric into a cushion cover and hey presto) … yes, the fringe benefits are considerable.