Daily Archives: July 7, 2009

Maturity, perhaps?

So, today I finally got around to an eagerly awaited pleasure: sowing the seeds of my asparagus, a delicious but very slow maturing treat. I made sure my little propagator, joy of my heart, was empty and clean and I got the compost ready in the egg boxes which serve as free peat pots. And I went to get the seed. And it was not there.

Neither the asparagus or the white columbine seed was there. Only the boring stuff that came in the same order. I must have Put It Somewhere. Dread thought. I searched. The woman with the lost coin would have been proud of me, but I have more clutter and I’d put money on it that I am a worse housewife.

I started to become frantic – and then I thought: drat it (or words to that effect). I shall buy more seeds on line. And I did. And on Saturday I should be able to plant them. Possibly, quite possibly, a victory for maturity. And, if the others turn up, a prescription for a very large asparagus bed indeed.