A thing of joy

Yes, you can see it, but you may not realise how much joy it has given.
propergator 001
It is my propagator, the foster mother of an endless supply of herbs and flowers, and my precious artichokes, and now brooding the asparagus, with what success I don’t know. God bless her, what joy she has given.


3 responses to “A thing of joy

  1. I would love one sometime but as of now have no where to put it.

  2. It is smaller that I thought it would be but I am glad that it is useful and that it has brought you lots of joy.

  3. rosemaryhannah

    It is very small. If you break 6 egg egg trays into two, it takes three such halves – I invariably use them as ‘peat pots’ – but it has made possible the germination of more, and faster, and in a wider range than I could ever have managed before.

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