Daily Archives: July 21, 2009

Tilla tilla, til la ta ta

In theory I like solving puzzles. If I really need to relax, I find a computer game where I manipulate my hero or heroine around an obstacle course of trigger happy guards, mystic monks and inadequate resources (what idiot enters a spooky castle without some string and a torch, and has to FIND them within the walls? Why does this plonker not have a screwdriver in his pocket?).

So tell me why finding out that my new phone is not happy to play a tune to alert me to incoming calls should drive me nuts. Plainly some setting was wrong. Again and again I reset the preferred tune (corny and loud I find best). Again and again, on phoning the mobile from the home phone (yes you stupid phone I know it was a call from home, the home phone is in my other hand!) I merely got a vibration that I would never hear in a real life situation. It had to be some other setting. In the end I tracked it down, yes, profiles – to me a quick account of a personality. And again and again I set it to normal.

In the end I realised that the little blue line had to be OVER and not UNDER the ‘profile’ of normal to get the wretched thing to cause sound. At last – Tilla tilla, til la ta ta

Good grief, I could have got my hero out of prison, over the man eating dog and into the villain’s office to over hear the plan to master the world in that time!