Tilla tilla, til la ta ta

In theory I like solving puzzles. If I really need to relax, I find a computer game where I manipulate my hero or heroine around an obstacle course of trigger happy guards, mystic monks and inadequate resources (what idiot enters a spooky castle without some string and a torch, and has to FIND them within the walls? Why does this plonker not have a screwdriver in his pocket?).

So tell me why finding out that my new phone is not happy to play a tune to alert me to incoming calls should drive me nuts. Plainly some setting was wrong. Again and again I reset the preferred tune (corny and loud I find best). Again and again, on phoning the mobile from the home phone (yes you stupid phone I know it was a call from home, the home phone is in my other hand!) I merely got a vibration that I would never hear in a real life situation. It had to be some other setting. In the end I tracked it down, yes, profiles – to me a quick account of a personality. And again and again I set it to normal.

In the end I realised that the little blue line had to be OVER and not UNDER the ‘profile’ of normal to get the wretched thing to cause sound. At last – Tilla tilla, til la ta ta

Good grief, I could have got my hero out of prison, over the man eating dog and into the villain’s office to over hear the plan to master the world in that time!


9 responses to “Tilla tilla, til la ta ta

  1. I am inclined to view mobile phones as the work of the devil – the cunningest part of his plan being to create something so very useful and so awful at the same time.

  2. I can’t tell you how happy I am to find you play computer games. I can’t tell you the hours I’ve spent on such things – though perhaps a fixation with the original (Russian, b&w) Tetris was a bit monotonous! (Got over that when the old computer went – not the same in colour)
    I couldn’t bear to go back to pre-mobile days; in my childhood the thought of possessing such a thing was beyond my wildest and best dreams.

  3. Why do you have a minute smiley emoticon at the top RH margin of this blog page, pray?

  4. rosemaryhannah

    Bea – a kind of Crawley super plan, isn’t it? Chris, have you read ‘Good Omens’?

    Er. I see no emoticon. And if there, not put there by me. Another work of Crawley?

    I’m an addict, though I lay them aside in times of uttermost business. I have explained to numerous spotty youths that yes, I do know how this kind of game works, and am no reaching the stage of not telling them I was playing it before they were in school.

    I am currently nearing the climax of Broken Sword, sleeping Dragon. I bought it second hand for a knock down price, and it has brought me a run of peaceful sleep. It seems being hunted down by semi-automatic waving private armies in the pay of an out and out baddie is just the thing to ensure a good night.

  5. No, I haven’t. Should I?
    The emoticon is halfway between the lower of the two dotted lines and the RH margin. Ghostly?
    For my last year at work, I was playing Medal of Honor:Allied Assault. (Yes, I know – doesn’t fit the day persona). My S4 boys were enthralled and demanded daily updates on my progress, offering helpful tips about tactics. It kept me sane during what was personally a very trying time, though I went to bed with the sound of gunfire in my ears!

  6. rosemaryhannah

    Yes, it is the alternative world thing.

    Well, I consider Good Omens one of the all time great books, but I could easily be wrong.

    I now see the emoticon. I have no idea how or why it is there, or how it might be removed. Look on it as a gargoyle.

  7. I had noticed the emoticon too. I am not convinced by computer games in general but the Wii Fit thing is fun.

  8. And I’ve now found another gargoyle lurking at the very bottome of the Holy T site!

  9. Mobile phones are a scourge on society, but then they do have a use.

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