Cutting back

My customers this week have been puzzled – or some of them. I have been explaining that I have been cutting back. I have been reducing the length of my chapters. But surely the hard thing is to write enough words to make up a whole book? Alas no – I have enough for one and a half entertaining books. I need just one. But I’ve made a good start. I have taken 2000 words from ch. 1. In many ways the hardest to cut, because it has to have certain bits of information about parents, etc. I’ve also re written a few infelicitous bits.

Now all I have to do is keep up the good work…..


4 responses to “Cutting back

  1. I admire your persistence. Lack of same is why I write poems, I’m sure.

  2. rosemaryhannah

    I will never have anything like your ability with language, which you do not need me to tell you is outstanding. I am not a writer in that way. What I can do is stick at things and tell a story. Happily, big biographies rely on this. I started this book in 1996.

  3. I repeat. I have a completely real admiration for that kind of sustained writing. Just finish it before I peg out – ok?

  4. rosemaryhannah

    Before I peg out would be useful – all that remains is a little editing and some cutting. It could at a pinch go to press as it stands.

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