St Magnus (no not that one)

Talking of interstices, often what is most attractive in other people and other places is not their official virtues, but something which might seem by the bye. Take the admirable blog run by MadPriest. How right he is about the C of E sleepwalking to disaster.

But really, I go there just to contemplate St Laika, and St Lady (Holy Blind Dog and Bishop). Of course it sets me wondering what saints I have enjoyed in my family. St Magnus springs to mind at once. Was ever a cat more obviously holy? St Magnus lived a life devoted to contemplation and the spreading of habits of faith and prayer.

Or St Columba (no, not that one either) A dog who truly lived for others. Can his calls for the repentance of visitors ever be forgotten? (Especially he wished the lady now living with my husband to repent, and he would hurl himself at the door handle as a proxy. It was commendable zeal.)

And St Puppy. I feel sure others will remember the conspicuous faith that St Puppy showed all her life, and be able to suggest possible traits and qualities to be remembered.


2 responses to “St Magnus (no not that one)

  1. St Magnus was cheifly devoted to spreading himself among young rabbits in the summer and infront of the fire in the winter.

  2. rosemaryhannah

    Plainly in the summer perusing reform in the lapine community and in the winter prayer and contemplation.

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