Time and place

I remember a year ago today. I was already facing up to the fact that the house I had expected to buy had been mis described in respect of the one thing on which I was not prepared to compromise. I had been told it had ten acres, and actually it had four. I had sold my house for two thirds of its asking price, expecting to move to that other property which was, just, within my reduced budget. Although a dear and very kind friend had given me a room in her home, we had both expected me to move on to my own home in a few weeks. Not to mention the problems raised by my three ponies, three sheep and assorted chicken . I was very definitely a leporida with euphoric challenges (not a happy bunny). I could see no way out of my problems which did not involve more money than I had.

Today I walked up a flowering meadow deep in grass, so deep my ponies are penned in a small area to keep their weight within reasonable limits. I walked back to my own house, which is, admittedly still a work in progress, but where the living room at least is starting to look like a normal room. I was in the really fresh air, free of fumes, safe and secluded and less than 3/4 hour from Glasgow. I had somehow done it, and within my budget. what is more, ‘the other house’ had been sold for more than I would have paid in view of the lack of land. Everybody had come well out of it.

I am deeply, deeply thankful.


3 responses to “Time and place

  1. Everything turned out well for you.

  2. rosemaryhannah

    A miracle and an balancing act.

  3. Alleluia! Long may it last!

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