A special day.

Recently I celebrated my birthday. It was strange because for the first time in my life I did not have anybody to share it with – at least in the flesh. I wondered how it would be. I started by tidying my living room, in which my neighbour had just laid my second life laminate floor. Then I fetched the beautiful birthday cake made by my son’s partner Kenneth, and lit the candle.

And then … and then… Look I can tell you the history of the whole day but it will not catch the feeling. It was a special day. Most of the things I did I might do any day – who is to restrain me, who lives a solitary life? But each moment of the day carried the feeling of its being a celebration, even the moments of work. It was with huge regret I reached the end, and bed, and knew that the next day would be just ordinary (and it was.)


One response to “A special day.

  1. very glad your day was special – how could it not be with such a cake as that!

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