Daily Archives: September 5, 2009

Closure, of a sort

Yesterday really was an epic day – I went to Mount Stuart to research on the biography for the last time.  There was a pub lunch.  I spent the morning in a state of excitement akin to drunkenness.   Then after the last little bit of research, I was suddenly aware of a kind of emptiness.

Some of the best moments of writing this book have been in the beauty and peace of Mount Stuart’s library.  There was companionship and excitement and that peculiar thrill of tracking down a line of investigation and being proved right. that is gone.

But then there was champagne, and a a very lush cake, and a most delightful present in the shape of a book by the biog’s subject, and I cheered up.

It is an achievement, getting to the end of the research (yet more editing ahead) but it is a loss too.  Still, in in all, a really epic day.