Bit part player

I have had a small make over of the bathroom, a holding job until the major repairs and renovations which I am now hoping really MAY happen next year.  I now have a lino tile floor down, and that means using some means to keep the shower water off the floor.

Enter the shower curtain.  It is a ghostly misty white, and looks very like the shower curtain in Psycho.  In Psycho of course it had just a bit part.  Now it wants the lead.  It creeps up to me, touching me most inappropriately with clammy hands, and plainly trying to wrap itself around me.  It can’t actually do any harm of course, but talk about cheap thrills.  Urgh.


5 responses to “Bit part player

  1. Oh dear! I do hate shower curtains that don’t know their place!

  2. I hate shower curtains. Period. The joy of my life is my walk-in shower. With a door. My bathroom may be tiny, but the mad assassin won’t catch me!

  3. A walk in shower is very nice.

  4. Bleugh to shower curtains that grope you. I move in to each rectory and insist on a shower screen.

  5. poor mommy shower curtains are one of life’s sorrows that we all endure at one point or another.

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