Daily Archives: September 17, 2009

The blog that was Wednesday

I will tell you what it was.  It was headed  ‘From the rising of the sun….’  and it showed a niceish watercoloury picture of Arran at dawn seen from here.  Then there was a much more dramatic picture of Arran at sunset, which I really liked.  The text would have read: ‘The recent spell of almost unbroken sunshine makes it easier, and it is always simpler at this time of year.’

I hoped this was not so religious as to put off my family while entertaining religious readers who would fill in the missing gaps, and smile knowingly.

Yesterday I had three atempts at loading the pictures (which are small) and today I had two.  They will not load.  Nor witll the web page agree to change to the Flash uploader.

Sometimes I hate blogging.