Today I was driving, slightly late, into Kilmarnock. I was bowling down the main road when I saw a slight obstacle to one side. I slowed at once, and then slowed some more. Had I not been late with a tail of traffic behind me I would have stopped altogether. There, pulled up at the side of the road was a genuine, Sri Lankan style three wheeler. The red and yellow colouring, the open sides. Driver seemed to have trotted off down the embankment. The guess would be to relieve a bladder made to ache by the Ayrshire wind in late September, unimpeded by the slight protection of the canopy.

Really! First Italy and then Sri Lanka – what IS Ayrshire coming to 😉


One response to “Badulla?

  1. Yay bring on yet more three wheelers – simply the very best way to travel – I often miss them when it starts to pour and I just want to pop somewhere – and of course Hari regards them as the most superier for of transport – she has never taken to cars.

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