Making an autumn

Last Sunday the last swallows were still swooping round my out buildings. I saw them again on Wednesday. Today there are none. The wagtails have de camped, too. I have new bird feeders in, but they are not yet being visited. Dearie me. Need to work harder on making a habitat for garden birds – the absence of flight is hard to bear.


5 responses to “Making an autumn

  1. Too true, Rosemary. But the winter can bring some surprises. I recall a solitary whitethroat which took up residence in our garden a few winters ago, and a pair of blackcaps which stayed until the spring. The biggest joy of all was a visit by a snow bunting, a rare sight in a suburban garden. Hope springs eternal.

  2. You might get an Arctic Skua. I saw one once.

  3. rosemaryhannah

    Do I rememer some slight doubt over the Arctic Skua?

  4. maybe Gregory will bless you with some kind of razerbill or other auk…

  5. There was no doubt. Grace saw one and then I saw one too.

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